Growth Through Engagement

Providing highly personalized communication solutions that help church leaders know, engage and inspire their members like never before.

Turning Insights into Action

Making that personal connection with your members is critical in the world of ministry today. Our vision is to help churches communicate with their members in a way that is relevant, timely and highly personalized to them.

Engagement Made Personal

Church leader and life-long marketing and business professional, Blue Van Dyke, shares the importance of personalized engagement in the ministry world.


How It Works

Our Member Dashboard allows you to know each of your members better, including where they are in their faith journey, helping you to have more intentional conversations.
Our Audience and Campaign Builder allows you to build segmented audiences and match them to custom campaigns ensuring the right message is getting to the right people at the right time.
Encourage, inspire, challenge and invite. Our Personalized Messaging Tiles allow you to guide each member in their unique faith journey, creating a more engaged member.

Everything in One Solution

Our extensive suite of features helps leaders understand and engage their church community. From data gathering and campaign building, to reporting and analytics, we leverage the right tools to help you deliver the right messaging to the right people at the right time.

Data Warehouse
A data repository that holds all the facts pulled from your ChMS, as well as, 3rd party sources. All of these data points can be combined to create the ideal audience for your message.
Engagement Insights
Everything you need to organize, track, and display a member's Next Steps, making it easier to motivate and encourage them throughout their faith journey.
Campaign Manager
The Campaign Builder makes it easier than ever before to segment audiences, create ads, and personalize your messaging, delivering what matters most to your members.
Member Dashboard
The Member Dashboard will make your members feel seen and known. It displays their Next Steps, Group Connections, and other personalized content, so your members can stay more connected than ever.
Personalized Content
Through our Just For You messaging platform, your members will receive personalized, relevant content, completely eliminating the need for a one-size-fits-all approach to communication.
The Analytics Dashboard will help you track and measure your church's growth metrics and the progress of your engagement campaigns, allowing you to stay informed or make adjustments as needed.
Member Engagement
By using the badgebar to track Next Steps taken, you can instantly know each member’s personal level of engagement.
Next Steps
Next Steps tracking allows you to measure and analyze each of the Next Steps individually, as well as collectively within your church.
Marketing Campaigns
Analyze the effectiveness of each marketing campaign you launch using our real-time dashboard.

Member Management

Our custom Admin Dashboard provides a way for staff, and select other roles to be able to view individual and collective engagement and to be able to take actionable steps using it.

Member Dashboard

Combining member data from your ChMS along with a custom Next Steps badgebar, our Member Dashboard allows you to point your members to the most important information first.

Different People Different Messaging

Our Mobile App Dashboard is a highly personal experience, providing tailored content that is specific to the individual. This allows you to message unique people, well, uniquely.


Member Engagement Support
Our team is passionate about seeing the church grow through fully engaged members. By following your church's life-cycle model, we can help move your members through it by assisting with campaign strategy, creation, and activation, developing audience personas, creating dynamic ads, and reporting.
Strategy and Consulting
With over 30 years of combined experience in church development, our team offers high-level consulting in persona development, church expansion/consolidation, member life-cycles, and management tool comparisons. Our team of professionals provides personalized solutions to accomplish the goals of your church.
Marketing Support
Our seasoned team of marketers can help strategize, manage, and optimize your marketing efforts. Through ongoing support with SEO, digital marketing, social media management, creative, and integration, we will use our expertise to attract new members and engage your current ones.

Real-Life Impact

The biggest differentiator between churches that are stagnant and churches that are growing is how engaged their members are.
Don Wilson
Founding Pastor, Christ's Church of the Valley

Connect with Us

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